Empowerment Healing Box


The Empowerment box contains The Salvey Witch brand Empowerment oil, Raw Carnelian crystal and Galaxy Tiger eye bracelet.

-Empowerment oil contains Cedarwood to soothe, strengthen and empower.  

-Lavender to aid in relaxation, allergies, insomnia, nausea, menstrual cramps, encourages compassion, increases dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain and induces feelings of happiness. 

-Smokey quartz to ground, protect against bad luck ,increases practicality, survival instinct and ability to move forward in life, manifests dreams.

-Hawthorn Berries helps health and mental focus.

-Clove buds for success, courage, money and attraction.

-Willow Bark for mental focus, protection and strength 

-Organic cold pressed Avocado oil contains a high percentage of Vitamin E and potassium, promotes collagen production, accelerates healing process and can help with skin issues such as sunburns.

-Raw Carnelian crystal helps make the best life choices, stimulates creativity, banishes emotional negativity and anger, brings ability to finish projects, sharpens concentration and boosts self esteem.

-Galaxy Tiger Eye bracelet promotes strength, protection and good luck, dispels fear, amplifies other stones and increases awareness and understanding.

**Manifest your truth, happiness, peace and love so you can balance in an imperfect world of beautiful chaos**

All my love and light, 

Ruth Bush

The Salvey Witch 

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